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The Moretta House to HOME Expo & Community Resource Guide. 

GREEN & healthy HOME expo 

The Moretta Healthy HOME Expo, Resources & Program Services


Homeownership Creation, Preservation, Outreach & Education and Neighborhood Revitalization



Credit Resource Cafe

Financial fitness includes, housing education, personal budgeting and managing your personal credit

home loan cafe

Homebuyer loans, down payment assistance, grants, understanding the loan process & more.

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Moretta House to HOME


Moretta House to HOME Affordable Housing Development & Rehab Professionals are licensed, certified and experienced in the construction and housing industry with decades of perspective and relevant experience in public service, community &  development, workforce development, affordable housing, housing and money management education, community lending and asset management.  MCDF Affiliates are proficient in their fields,  all are subject matter experts and qualified to deliver rich and engaging House to HOME, Pre & Post Homebuyer Education, Credit and Financial Fitness Education, Foreclosure Prevention Education and Community Development Experiences.

Our team of dedicated professionals and trainers are skilled, top-notched communicators and  subject matter experts in fair and affordable housing development, community economic development & homeownership  education.

Moretta Community Development Foundation advocates for healthy and sustainable communities, blight reduction, homeownership, workforce development, wellness and overall well-being through core programs, services and collaborative activities.

Self-Sufficiency through Training, Education and Resources; SYSTER Projects and community engagement events give women pathways out of poverty to personal financial wellness, sustainable homeownership and economic opportunities.




Homeownership Education Today.  Vibrant Communities Tomorrow.

Moretta Community Development Foundation (MCDF) is a community-based nonprofit organization and community health and wellness partner.  The MCDF mission is empowerment through access to education, financial education, homeownership education, safe, decent housing and opportunities for self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship training, resources and related services.

Moretta House to HOME programs engage, advocate and promote sustainable community economic development, health, wellness and well-being through affordable housing, homebuyer education, financial fitness and homeownership resources.