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Homeownership Education Today.  Vibrant Communities Tomorrow.

Moretta Community Development Foundation (MCDF) is a community-based nonprofit organization and community health and wellness partner.  The MCDF mission is empowerment by removing barriers and increasing opportunities and access to education, financial education, homeownership education and safe, decent, affordable housing.  Our goals include self-sufficiency through culturally competent entrepreneurship training, resources and related services.

Moretta House to HOME Programs help connect minority women, families and disabled veterans to vital resources and provides homeownership education, counseling and related services to families of modest means.

Moretta House to HOME Services promote diversity, inclusion, community, health, wellness and well-being for all.



Moretta Community Development Foundation
Community. Home. Health, Wellness & Well-Being For All.

Our team of dedicated professionals and trainers are skilled, top-notched communicators and  subject matter experts in fair and affordable housing development, community economic development, housing & homeownership  education.



Every Child Counts Campaign

Moretta Community Development Foundation advocates for healthy and sustainable communities, blight reduction, homeownership, workforce development, wellness and overall well-being through core programs, services and collaborative activities.

Self-Sufficiency through Training, Education and Resources; SYSTER Projects and community engagement events give women pathways out of poverty to personal financial wellness, sustainable homeownership and economic opportunities.





‚ÄčMoretta Community Development Foundation and our SYSTER Project Network  are proud community partners in supporting the 2020 Census.  Our "Every Child Counts" outreach campaign raises awareness to help children and the families they love know about this important decennial effort.  The next 10 years of community wellness and economic development funding proportions depends on a complete and accurate count.

Numbers and math might not be your thing, but dollars and cents funding matters for businesses, schools, classrooms, hospitals, bridges, roads, public safety, homelessness prevention and a host of programs that effect the place we call home.  Sign up for our free FUN newsletter alerts to learn more, prepare, get involved, and become a member today.

It's easy.  Join us today.  

Follow online@SYSTERProject for key resource information, job opportunities, conference calls and FREE information kits to help you start a community group of your own, guide you with your own "Every Child Counts" home-party event or complete count teams.